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Pinterest ROI Study 2023

Pinterest ROI Study

Pinterest ROI (Return on Investment) helps you see if Pinterest-led visitors to your website can make money. By looking at your Pinterest ROI, you can decide if you should put more or less time and money into Pinterest marketing.

We wanted to find out how much money every visitor can bring to your site. As you know, every visitor is different, some visitors to your money page, while others look through your blog page, so their values are different.

We looked at hundreds of brands on Pinterest and here’s what we found that may surprise you:

  • On average, a Pin makes 78 cents in sales.
  • A Pin usually brings 2 visits and 6 page views to a site.

Half Of The Visits Happen 3.5 Months After The Pin Was First Posted

This is because Pins keep getting found long after they’re posted. This is different from other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, where posts are mostly found when they’re fresh.

Half Of The Orders Generated 2.5 Months After A Pin Was Posted 

When a product is on Pinterest, it shows that people might want to buy it. That can make the product more popular.

On average, a Pin gets shared (or ‘Repinned’) more than 10 times. This is a lot more than tweets, which only get shared 1.4% of the time.

Some brands that use Rich Pins have seen an 82% increase in the number of times their Pins get shared. This suggests that Rich Pins might help a brand reach more people on Pinterest.

Orders From Pinterest Are Highest On Mondays

This might be because people find products over the weekend and buy them on Monday after thinking it over and talking with their partners.

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