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Does Amazon Drug Test?

Does Amazon Drug Test? Anything You Need To Know

As an Amazon employee or someone eyeing a position within the vast operations of this e-commerce giant, you might have questions about their stance on drug testing. 

It’s a vital aspect of their hiring process and ongoing employment checks, aimed at maintaining a safe and productive workplace.

This article deeps into almost everything you may want to know about Amazon’s drug testing policies, why they implement them, when and how they’re conducted, and what happens if you fail.

Does Amazon Drug Test?

Yes, Amazon does indeed carry out drug tests on both current employees and prospective hires. 

For those seeking to join the company, Amazon typically begins drug testing during the final stages of the hiring process.

After submitting your application and going through the interview rounds successfully, a drug test is often the last checkpoint before an official job offer is given to you.

Why Does Amazon Drug Test?

Amazon, like many large employers, prioritizes the safety and security of its work environment. 

Drug testing helps to guarantee that employees are in a suitable condition to perform their duties effectively and safely. 

Especially for positions that involve operating heavy machinery, driving, or other tasks that could become hazardous under the influence of drugs, Amazon takes this precaution seriously.

Primary Job Positions That May Need Drug Tests and Why

At Amazon, the primary jobs that may need drug tests are warehouse workers, delivery drivers, and seasonal workers.

Warehouse Workers

Given the physical nature of the work and the operation of machinery, warehouse workers are routinely drug tested. 

The reason is straightforward: to minimize accidents and ensure a high productivity level. Safety is a key concern in warehouses, making drug testing essential for these roles.

Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers represent Amazon directly to customers and are responsible for safely operating vehicles. 

Therefore, they undergo drug tests to verify their capacity to drive safely, safeguarding not only their own lives but also those of other road users and guaranteeing the secure delivery of packages.

Seasonal Employees

Seasonal workers, who’re often hired for busy shopping seasons, are subject to the same drug testing rules as full-time staff.

The reason behind this is to maintain the safety and efficiency of operations, regardless of the temporary nature of the employment.

When Does Amazon Screen For Drugs?

Amazon implements drug screenings at several key points to promote a safe and productive workplace environment. Here’s when you can expect to be tested:

Before Hiring

The initial drug screening occurs after the interview process, just before an official job offer is made. This is a pivotal step in the hiring process, which guarantees that all potential hires meet Amazon’s safety and performance standards.

After Hiring

Random Drug Testing

Amazon has the right to randomly test its employees for drugs, meaning you could be chosen for a test at any moment to help keep the workplace drug-free.

Post-Accident Testing

If an accident occurs in the workplace, Amazon may require those involved to undergo drug testing. No matter whether the incident results in injury or not. 

The aim is to determine if substance use contributed to the accident. It’s a standard procedure designed to prevent future incidents and ensure the safety of all employees. 

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

If a supervisor or manager has a reasonable suspicion that an employee is under the influence of drugs during work hours, the employee may be subject to immediate drug testing. 

Signs could include unusual behavior, apparent physical symptoms, or a noticeable decrease in work performance.

Return-to-Duty Testing

Following a violation of drug policies, an employee might be required to pass a drug test before returning to work. This ensures that the employee meets the necessary safety and performance standards to resume their duties.

How Does Amazon Conduct the Drug Test?

Amazon primarily uses two types of drug tests:

  1. Mouth Swab Drug Test: This non-invasive method involves swabbing the inside of an employee’s mouth to collect saliva. It’s commonly used because it’s quick, easy, and can detect recent drug use.
  2. Urine Drug Test: Some situations may call for a urine test, which includes the collection of a urine sample to be sent to a laboratory for analysis. This way can detect drugs taken within the past few days to weeks.

How Is the Drug Test Process for Employees?

For existing employees, the procedure might be initiated at random, due to reasonable suspicion, or as post-accident protocol. 

You’ll be informed about the test, given instructions on how it’s conducted, and then you proceed with the sample collection under the provided guidelines. 

The method, whether a mouth swab or urine test, is determined based on the reason for testing. The collected samples are then sent off for analysis.

How Is the Drug Test Process for Job Applicants?

For job applicants, the drug test typically comes after the interview process and might be the final step before an offer is extended. 

You will receive instructions on where and when to report for your drug test, often with a set window of time to complete it. Similar to employees, the testing method could be a mouth swab or urine test, dictated by company policy or specific job requirements.

What Kinds of Drugs Does Amazon Test?

Amazon screens for a variety of substances to maintain workplace safety and adhere to federal laws.

These can include, but aren’t limited to, cannabis (THC), cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and methamphetamines. The focus is on detecting substances that could impair an individual’s ability to perform their job safely and effectively.

Are Amazon Drug Tests Supervised?

Yes, Amazon’s drug tests are supervised, but not directly observed, which ensures privacy for the individual being tested. 

To make sure the integrity of the test, in the case of mouth swab tests, you might be asked to open the package and place the swab in your mouth while being observed.

For urine tests, privacy is respected, and clear instructions are provided to make sure samples are not tampered with or swapped.

Amazon’s Policy on Marijuana/THC for Its Employees and Job Applicants

Amazon has adjusted its policies in recent years, particularly regarding marijuana. 

Recognizing the changing legal landscape where many states have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use, Amazon announced in 2021 that it would no longer screen job applicants for marijuana use in positions that the Department of Transportation (DOT) does not regulate. 

Yet, this policy doesn’t apply to truck drivers and heavy equipment operators because they are governed by DOT regulations.

Furthermore, Amazon maintains its right to test for impairment at work and will conduct post-accident testing if marijuana impairment is suspected.

Amazon’s Policy on Alcohol Consumption

Amazon expects its employees to be free from alcohol impairment while at work. The company strictly forbids working while under the influence of alcohol, just as it does with drugs.

While Amazon primarily focuses on drug testing, it may also take action if an employee appears to be under the influence of alcohol at work.

How Long Does It Take to Receive the Test Result?

The timeframe for receiving drug test results can vary, depending on the method used and the laboratory’s workload.

Typically, mouth swab test results might be available within 24 to 48 hours, while urine test results could take a few days, up to a week.

If the initial test suggests the presence of drugs, further confirmation testing may extend the process. Amazon or the testing facility will usually contact you directly with the results.

How to Know Whether You’ve Passed the Drug Test or Not?

You will be notified by Amazon’s human resources department or a representative of the company about the outcome of your drug test. 

If you’re a job applicant, a positive outcome (meaning no prohibited drugs were detected) may be followed by an official job offer via an email. 

For current employees, passing the test (you’ll be notified by an email) means you can continue your work without issue. Should there be any concerns about the test results, you will be contacted to discuss the next steps.

What Happens if You Fail the Drug Test at Amazon?

Failing a drug test at Amazon can have different consequences for job applicants compared to current employees.

For Job Applicants

A failed drug test usually means your job application will not proceed further. Depending on specific circumstances and company policies at the time, you might be allowed to reapply after a certain period.

For Current Employees

The consequences can vary depending on the nature of your job, the drugs detected, and your work history.

Options may include termination of employment, suspension, or being offered an opportunity to participate in a rehabilitation program before returning to work. Often, this decision is influenced by the specifics of the situation and Amazon’s policies at the time of testing.

How to Prepare for Amazon Drug Tests?

If you’re applying for a job or employed at Amazon, preparing for a drug test includes understanding what the company tests for and making lifestyle changes that align with its policies.

1. Review Company Policies

Familiarize yourself with Amazon’s most current drug testing policies, including which substances are prohibited. This information can often be found in the employee handbook or by consulting with HR.

2. Abstain from Drug Use

The most straightforward way to prepare is to abstain from using drugs, especially those known to be tested for by Amazon. If you are using prescription medication that could affect your test results, be sure to have documentation from a healthcare provider.

3. Understand the Testing Process

Knowing whether you’ll be undergoing a saliva test or a urine test can help you prepare mentally and physically for the process. 

Being aware of the type of test you’re facing allows you to look into how long various substances might remain detectable in your body. 

It can help you make informed decisions about your lifestyle in the days or weeks leading up to the test.

Different substances can stay in your body for varying lengths of time and may be detectable by different testing methods for different durations. For example, some drugs might linger in urine longer than in saliva. 

Understanding these detection windows can be important in preparing for your drug test and ensuring that you meet Amazon’s requirements for employment or continued employment.

Stay Hydrated

Staying well-hydrated is key both for your health and for making sure your saliva and urine tests aren’t too concentrated. This means drinking enough water regularly, not just loading up on water right before your test.

Be Honest

If you’re taking prescription medications or other substances for legitimate medical reasons that could influence your test results, you need to inform the testing administrators beforehand. Your honesty can help validate your test results and may prevent misunderstandings.

Can You Refuse a Drug Test at Amazon?

Refusing a drug test at Amazon leads to consequences similar to failing a test.

For job applicants, a refusal will likely end the application process, and you won’t be considered for the position. For current employees, refusing a drug test could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

It’s viewed as non-compliance with Amazon’s commitment to a safe and drug-free workplace.


Amazon takes its drug testing policies seriously, emphasizing the health and safety of its work environment. 

Whether you’re looking to join Amazon or already work there, knowing these policies is crucial for your success and lasting career with the company.

Being prepared, informed, and transparent can help navigate the drug testing process smoothly. 

The purpose behind these tests isn’t to invade personal lives but to maintain a safe, productive, and efficient workplace for everyone involved. 

By adhering to Amazon’s guidelines and preparing adequately, you can approach drug testing with confidence, knowing it’s a step toward contributing to a reputable and reliable work environment.

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