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10 Gift Ideas for the Elderly to Enhance Comfort

10 Gift Ideas for the Elderly to Enhance Comfort

Seeking a gift for an elderly friend or family member? You’re in the right place. While it’s tempting to settle for a posh box of chocolates or a nice bottle of wine, they may prefer something a little more personal that helps them get comfortable at home or when they’re out and about. 

This guide outlines 10 gift ideas for the elderly to make them more comfortable, including a seat walking stick, a heated blanket, an e-reader, a tea or coffee subscription box and more.

1. Seat Walking Stick

If your elderly friend or relative likes to go walking, a seat walking stick might be the perfect gift. The walking stick and seat combination allows them to travel indoors or outdoors without worrying about finding a place to sit because they have a seat right there in their hands. 

There are many seat walking sticks to choose from, but it’s important to find the right option to provide the ideal blend of safety and function.

2. Heated Blanket

The colder days are setting in, so what could be nicer than snuggling under a heated blanket? Heated blankets are equipped with adjustable heat settings and can help with muscle relaxation to relieve aches and pains, improve circulation and keep your elderly friend or relative warm during the chilly winter months. 

Several types of heated blanket options are available to purchase, including electric over blankets, heated throws, under blankets, washable heated blankets and more.

3. E-Reader

If your elderly friend or relative enjoys reading, why not brighten up their day by gifting them an e-reader? That way, they can read as many books as they want without adding more clutter to their home. 

Not only is reading entertaining, but it also helps keep the brain active, which helps combat stress and anxiety.

4. SAD Light

During the winter months, the lack of daylight can get us down. However, sitting in front of a SAD lamp for just 30 minutes each day can contribute to our well-being. 

If you suspect your elderly friend or relative is struggling with the shorter days, a SAD light might be just what they need!

5. Indoor Plants

A great—but perhaps unexpected—gift to make your elderly friend or relative more comfortable is indoor plants. 

Research has shown that houseplants are great for both our physical and mental health. They reduce stress, lift our mood and improve our overall wellbeing. 

The good news is that there are dozens of houseplants for you to choose from, including low-maintenance options like Swiss cheese plants, snake plants and devil’s ivy, to more high-maintenance plants like peace lilies, calatheas and zebra plants.

6. Mattress Topper

A good night’s sleep is essential for wellbeing. Purchasing a mattress topper is a great way to give your elderly friend or relative the gift of a good night’s sleep. 

Mattress toppers provide an extra layer of support and temperature regulation capabilities without purchasing a whole new mattress, which we know is expensive!

7. Tea or Coffee Subscription Box

If they’re a tea or coffee lover, they’ll be delighted to receive a tea or coffee subscription box each month. Subscription boxes tend to range from £6 to £20 a month and will allow your elderly friend or relative to enjoy teas from around the world from the comfort of their own home.

8. Non-Slip Slippers

Slippers are a fantastic winter gift because everyone likes having warm feet. But, for an elderly person, non-slip slippers are essential. The grip soles help to reduce the chance of falls, which can be incredibly serious for elderly individuals, and the soft interior provides them with much-needed comfort.

9. Dressing Gown

Give the gift of luxurious comfort this year in the form of a dressing gown. Not only are dressing gowns cosy and warm, but they also have a feeling of elegance about them, depending on the type of design you opt for. 

Choose from a range of materials and designs, including but not limited to fleece, satin, cotton, kimono, flannel and microfiber dressing gowns, each with varying levels of warmth and comfort.

10. High-Quality Bedding

Last but not least, ensure your elderly friend or relative has a restful night’s sleep by purchasing high-quality bedding. 

Before purchasing anything, make sure to check if they need hypoallergenic bedding, and ask how they like their pillows based on their favourite sleeping positions. 

For example, side sleepers generally prefer soft pillows, while back and stomach sleepers tend to prefer firmer pillows.


Whether you opt for a seat walking stick, a luxurious dressing gown or a tea and coffee subscription, we’re sure that your elderly friend or relative will be delighted to receive such a thoughtful gift. What’s better than a gift that also provides lasting comfort?

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