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How Much Money Does YouTube Pay for 100k Views

How Much Can You Earn from 100k YouTube Views? Discover the Factors and Strategies to Maximize Your Income


As a new YouTube Video creator, you may be wondering how much money you can make when your videos reach 100k views. 

While the amount varies depending on several factors, getting ahead to know the general income for 100k views and the different elements that can influence your earnings will be good for your future YouTube journey.

As based on that, you can decide if being a YouTuber is a good choice for you in terms of making money.

In this article, we will talk about the factors that can affect your income, the payment structure on YouTube, and other ways to monetize your channel.

How Much Money Does YouTube Pay for 100k Views?

The amount of money you can earn from 100k views on YouTube typically ranges from $500 to $5,000. This range is based on several factors, such as video niche, content quality and length, target viewers’ location, and engagement rates. 

Achieving 100k views is an impressive milestone, but YouTube revenue is not solely based on views. Factors such as ads, CPM, and the overall performance of your channel also play a significant role.

Factors that Influence Your Income When Your Videos Reach 100k Views

Understanding the factors that can influence your income per 100k views can help you maximize your earnings potential. Let’s take a closer look at some of these factors:

1. Video Niche

The type of content you create can greatly impact your income. Different niches attract different advertising rates. 

For example, if you create videos in a niche that is highly sought after by advertisers, such as technology or finance, you may earn more per 100k views compared to niches with lower advertising demand. 

If possible, you can choose a niche that aligns with your interests and passions, but also consider its potential for higher earning potential.

2. Content Quality and Length

Another important factor is the quality and length of your videos. Higher-quality videos with engaging content are more likely to attract advertisers. Additionally, longer videos have more opportunities for ads to be displayed, which can increase your potential earnings. 

However, you need to strike a balance between length and viewer engagement. If your videos are too long and viewers lose interest, they may not watch until the end, leading to lower ad revenue.

3. Target Viewers’ Location

The location of your target viewers can also affect your income. Ad rates may vary depending on the country or region where your audience is located. 

Generally, viewers from countries with higher ad demand, such as the United States or other English-speaking countries, tend to offer higher ad rates. If your videos primarily target

these countries, you have a higher chance of earning more money per 100k views.

4. Audience Engagement and Retention

The engagement and retention of your viewers also play a role in your income. If your videos have a high engagement rate, with viewers liking, commenting, and sharing your content, it signals to advertisers that your audience is highly engaged and likely to respond to their ads. 

Also, if viewers watch your videos for longer periods of time, it increases the chances of ads being shown and therefore increases your earning potential.

Does YouTube Pay per Video View or Ad View?

YouTube pays creators based on ad views rather than video views. The metric used to determine earnings is CPM (Cost Per Mille), which represents the amount of money advertisers are willing to pay for every 1,000 ad views. 

Advertisers bid on ad space on YouTube, and the winning bidder’s ad will be shown based on various factors, including your channel’s content, viewer demographics, and viewer behavior. Therefore, it’s important to focus on creating content that is attractive to advertisers and encourages viewer engagement.

How to be Qualified for YouTube’s Partner Program?

To be eligible to make money on YouTube, you need to meet certain requirements and become a part of the YouTube Partner Program.

As you can understand, qualifying for the YouTube Partner Program is just the first step towards making money on YouTube. Once you are in the program, you can start monetizing your videos and earning revenue through various channels.

Here are the steps to qualify for the program:

  1. Eligibility Requirements: To join the YouTube Partner Program, you need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers on your channel. Additionally, your videos must have been watched for a total of 4,000 hours over the last year.
  2. Adherence to YouTube Policies: It is crucial to comply with YouTube’s community guidelines and advertiser-friendly content policies. This means producing original content, avoiding copyright infringement, and creating videos that are suitable for all audiences.
  3. Enable Monetization: Once you meet the eligibility requirements, you can enable monetization on your channel. This can be done in the YouTube Studio by selecting the “Monetization” tab and following the necessary steps.
  4. Set up an AdSense Account: To get paid by YouTube, you need to set up an AdSense account and connect it to your YouTube channel. AdSense, a program by Google, lets creators earn money from their online content through advertising.
  5. Monitor Performance: Once you are part of the YouTube Partner Program, you can track your earnings and performance through the YouTube Studio. This includes monitoring your views, watch time, ad performance, and revenue generated.

Other Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Earning money from ad views is a common way to monetize your YouTube channel, but diversifying your revenue streams can significantly increase your income potential on YouTube. 

Here are some additional ways to increase your income with 100k views:

Sell Your Own Products:

If you have a product or service to offer, promoting it through your YouTube channel can be highly lucrative. Whether it’s physical merchandise, digital products like e-books or online courses, or even your own artwork, showcasing and selling your own products can generate additional income beyond ad revenue.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote other companies’ products or services and earn a commission for each sale or referral you make using your special affiliate links 

You can partner with brands or join affiliate programs, and include affiliate links in your video descriptions or dedicated affiliate marketing videos. When your viewers make a purchase through your links, you earn a percentage of the sales.

Make Sponsored Content

Sponsored content involves partnering with brands and promoting their products or services in your videos. Brands will pay you a fee to feature their products, mention their brand, or create dedicated sponsored videos.

When choosing sponsored opportunities, make sure to select brands that align with your channel’s niche and values to maintain the trust of your audience.

To attract sponsors, it’s important to build a strong and engaged audience. Focus on creating high-quality content, growing your subscriber base, and nurturing relationships with your viewers. Engage with your audience through comments, live streams, and social media to develop a loyal following.


The amount of money you can make from 100k views on YouTube varies depending on various factors such as video niche, content quality, target viewers’ location, and engagement rates. Focus on creating valuable and engaging content that resonates with your audience. 

By understanding the factors that influence your income and exploring different monetization strategies such as selling products, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content, you can maximize your earnings potential.

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