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How to Respond to WSG

How to Respond to WSG (What’s Good)? 26 Ways


WSG is a texting slang abbreviation for the question “What’s good?” If you don’t know what “what’s good” means, don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is a fairly new type of greeting, mostly seen on TikTok and Snapchat, and in text messages, and it is essentially the same as, “What’s up?” or “How you doing?”

It is not necessarily a literal request for a list of good things, but rather a different way of asking someone how they are.

Now that you know what it means, you’ll want to know how you should respond when someone says or texts it to you, especially since this strange greeting is becoming more and more popular in social media and texting. 

Possible Responses to WSG

There are many ways you can respond to this question, some of which are the same as the things you would say in response to any other greeting. Here are some examples:

Literal Responses

You can take the question literally and answer the person by telling them what is good with you at that moment, even if the answer is “nothing”:

  • “Life’s good! How about you?” – You’re very happy right now and you’re interested in talking to them some more.
  • “Hearing from you! WYD?” – You are happy to hear from them and you want to engage in the conversation. 
  • “This is!” – attach a photo or video of something good that you think they will enjoy. 
  • “Me! I just got promoted!” – A way to share your exciting news.
  • “My awesome new jacket – check it out!” – Send a photo of what you bought.
  • “Everything! I’m having the best day.” – Things are going very well for you.
  • “My mood after hearing from you!” – You’re feeling better after a message from them and you want to let them know.
  • “What’s not? Life is awesome.” – Only good things have been happening for you, but you’re opening the conversation for them to tell you what’s not good with them.
  • “Blueberry pancakes, of course!” – A humorous response that tells them what you like without telling them what’s going on in your life. 
  • “So much!” – List the things that are going well for you.
  • “Nothing. I’m having the worst day.” – Your life sucks right now and you want the day to be over. You are not bombarding them with your negative emotions, but they can ask for more details if they want to.

Figurative Responses

Or you can answer it like any other greeting that asks how you are or what you’re doing:

  • “Chilling at home. Wanna do something?” – There’s nothing to report, but you’d like to spend some time with them.
  • “Not much, WYD?” – WYD means “What you doing?”
  • “The usual. WBU?” – WBU means “What about you?”
  • “Nothing new here. What’s your news?” – You have nothing to tell them but you would like to continue the conversation.
  • “Same old, same old. What’s new with you?” – Nothing has changed in your life but you want to keep talking
  • “Can’t wait to see you later!” – Your plans with them are the best thing about your day.
  • “Just waiting for work to end. Wanna do something later?” – You’re tired of the day and you want to do something fun after work.

Cheeky Responses

Whether you want to tease the person, flirt with them, or get rid of them, there are a few tongue-in-cheek responses you can use to drive the conversation in the right direction:

  • “You are!” – A way to flirt with the person and make them feel special.
  • “You tell me.” – You could use this when you don’t really want to tell the person anything about yourself, or it could be a flirtatious way to try and get a compliment from them.
  • “What have you heard?” – This is usually a humorous response, and should be said in a suspicious tone of voice, as if they shouldn’t know anything about you.
  • “You’ll have to come over here and find out.” – A strong flirtation that invites them to visit you and find out how good you are.
  • “Nothing yet, but I’ll see you later!” – Your day is boring, but it will become good when you see them.
  • “Chocolate, puppies, and sunny days.” – Or a selection of your favorite things. Use this as a sarcastic response if you don’t want to tell the person anything personal.
  • “Everything… until you texted.” – You don’t want to hear from this person and their text has ruined your day.
  • “Not this pickup line.” – This could be used in a teasing manner or to get rid of someone. Your tone of voice or use of emojis should let them know which way you mean it. 

Similar Greetings

There are a few greetings that are used in similar ways to “WSG.” Some of the most common ones include, “What’s up?” “How you doing?” “What’s news?” the age-old, “Hello” or just, “Hi.”


There are many greetings that are commonly in use today, and most of them aren’t taken very literally. For example, if someone greets you by saying, “How you doing?” and then keeps walking, you know they weren’t actually asking you how you are – it was just an acknowledgment. 

The same is true for WSG. It stands for “What’s good?” and is used in texting and conversation to greet a person, ask how they are or what they’re doing, or simply to acknowledge them.

You can respond in many ways, depending on the context of the greeting, but the most common response would be something along the lines of, “I’m good! How are you?”

You can respond to it literally (by telling them what is good with you at that moment), figuratively (by telling them how you are or asking them how they are if you don’t want to answer), or in a flirtatious or dismissive way, depending on whether you want to speak to them or not. 

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