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PAWG: Meaning, Uses and Origin

PAWG (PHAT Ass White Girl): Meaning, Uses and Origin


Have you seen someone use the abbreviation “PAWG” in a text or on social media and you had no idea what it meant? Well, good – maybe that means you’re a nice person who doesn’t make a habit of objectifying women.

All the same, I’m here to tell you what it means so you can go about your life with a little more knowledge under your belt. But preferably not with a new word to use, because using this one will likely only make you look like a jerk. 

Meaning of PAWG

The acronym “PAWG” stands for “PHAT Ass White Girl.” See why I mention objectifying women? It specifically refers to white women with rounded butts and generally good curves, and is usually used in a sexist or derogatory way. 

Even if it is said with the best of intentions, it is still sexist and objectifying, and many women will see it as rude and childish.

It is pronounced “Pog” when it is used verbally, but it is more commonly used in text. The word “PHAT” is an acronym for “Pretty Hot and Tempting” or “Pretty Hot and Tasty,” but it is also a homophone for the word “fat,” and in this case, it refers to an appealing thickness or roundness. So, the overall meaning of the abbreviation is that a hot white girl has a nice, round ass. 

Because white women are not usually known for the most rounded butts – that honor goes to black and Latina women – this expression points out when a white girl has a butt that is unusually pert for her race. 

This is relevant because it shows that someone using this abbreviation is not only fetishizing women in general, but doing it by race, as well. In fact, there is another version of the acronym, PAAG, that stands for Phat Ass Asian Girl, further contributing to race division.

Origin of PAWG

It is unclear exactly when this phrase first appeared, though its first recorded use was sometime in 2004. The most popular theory is that it was created around the same time as the acronym “PHAT,” but used less often initially.

The word PHAT was commonly used by rappers in the 90s, and while they may have been using “PAWG” as well, it wasn’t used in their music or public image, so there’s very little record of it.

Usage of PAWG

However long “PAWG” has been around, it has really only gained its popularity in the last decade or so, as text messaging and social media have grown. It is commonly used on X (Twitter) as a hashtag in posts with sexual imagery, as well as in advertisements for p*rn and other illicit services.

It is also used as the name of an interracial category one can choose when browsing adult websites.

Its most common use is amongst African-American male populations who speak largely in rap or hip-hop slang. The objectification of women is rife in such communities, but it is also perpetuated by women who live their lives trying to live up to the stereotypes applied to them. 

It is not uncommon to see women referring to themselves as PAWGs in Instagram photos and videos. The modeling world is also guilty of using derogatory terms like this.

The acronym should only ever be used in casual situations, and even then, with great caution. While your significant other might take it as a compliment if you use it to describe her, it is a very sexist way to speak about women in general, and should be kept to private relationships, if it is used at all. 

There are far better ways to compliment a woman’s body that are not creepy or overtly sexual and won’t upset the majority of us. Here are a few examples:

  • Beautiful
  • Curvy
  • Well-formed
  • Good figure

It’s important to note that if you really want to be a good person, you could completely refrain from discussing the physical attributes of women you don’t know (and even those you do know, unless they want you to).

Examples of PAWG in a Sentence

Here are some examples of how PAWG might be used in a sentence – note how they pretty much always make the speaker sound like a sexist jerk:

  • “Yo, check the ass on that PAWG!”
  • “Scarlett Johansson is such a PAWG.”
  • “Man, that PAWG is smokin’ hot!”


The opposite of a PAWG would be a stereotypical white woman with a flatter butt, and terms that would commonly be used to describe such women include:

  • Skinny
  • Bony
  • Thin
  • Lanky

Note that these terms, describing thin women, are all used negatively while being overweight is also not acceptable and often publicly insulted.

It makes it very difficult for the majority of women to fit into society’s expectations of them, and words like “PAWG” just add to the stress of expectation that young women grow up with.

Other Meanings of PAWG

If you see this acronym in a situation where you are absolutely certain it does not mean “Phat Ass White Girl,” there are a few other possibilities for what it could be an abbreviation for, including:

  • Pissed Americans With G*ns
  • PICA Assignment Working Group
  • Protected Areas Working Group
  • Pinedale Anticline Working Group
  • Pennsylvania Wing

However, if you need to use the acronym for one of the titles above, it’s best to make sure everyone involved is on the same page. Using PAWG without clarifying the meaning you intend could get you slapped, fired, or worse. 


PAWG is an acronym that means “Phat-Ass White Girl.” It probably came into existence around the same time as the acronym “PHAT,” which was used by rappers in the 1990s. PHAT stands for “Pretty Hot and Tempting/Tasty,” and is an acronym within an acronym in this case.

Although your own girlfriend might like it when you call her a PAWG, it is not recommended that you use this acronym in any other situations. You are likely to come off sounding obnoxious and derogatory, even if you mean it as a compliment. There are many better ways to tell a woman she is beautiful or sexy.

The opposite of a PAWG would usually be described as skinny or bony, but most women would prefer to be described using less polar terms, like slim, delicate, curvy, or even plump, as these words don’t hold a negative or sexual connotation. 

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