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Orange Rose Meaning

What Do Orange Roses Mean? Its Meaning May Vary with Different Shades


Back in the days of tight corsets and stiff upper lips, it wasn’t considered right to go around telling people how you felt. A man never cried, and a woman never did so in company. As a result, people came up with more subtle ways to tell each other how they felt, and flowers became the language of love. 

Sadly, much of this language has been lost, but giving flowers is still popular, and men all over the world have learned to smooth things over with a pretty bouquet. Whether you find it difficult to come up with the right words or you just want to spoil the one you love, flowers are the perfect way to tell someone how you feel. 

Historically, roses have always been the most popular flower for expressing our love, and we all know that a red rose is a declaration of romantic feelings for the receiver, but what about an orange rose?

What Does an Orange Rose Mean?

Orange roses have different meanings depending on the situation they are used in, as well as the specific shade of orange. For example, more muted shades of orange, like peach and coral, are used to express the happiness that a relationship causes in your life. This can be a friendship, a familial relationship, or a romantic one.

A more bright and vibrant orange rose, when given to a friend, can signify a wish for energy, happiness, and health in the home. It is a way to lift the receiver’s mood and brighten their day.

Used at weddings and functions since the 1920s – usually in the fall to match the colors of that time – orange roses have been brightening venues with their boldness and creating feelings of hope and excitement for the future for 100 years. Because of this, there is a strong connotation in our minds that orange roses represent new beginnings and heightened moods.

This carries over into romantic relationships very easily, especially if we think of weddings when we see orange roses. So if your romantic partner gives you an orange rose, there is a good chance that they want to take your relationship to the next level. 

That’s because, in a relationship, an orange rose represents a burning, passionate kind of love that needs to be expressed.

The History and Tradition of the Orange Rose

It might interest you to know that orange roses do not grow in nature – they have been cultivated by the blending of red and yellow roses. This is why there are so many different shades! The precise color of the red and yellow roses used to create the orange one will determine the resulting shade of orange.

This also explains where the meaning of orange roses comes from. Since we have only been cultivating orange roses for about a century, they don’t have the same long history as other colors, and their meaning has been derived from the 2 flowers used to create them.

Yellow roses are for friendship and red roses are for romantic love, so orange roses are for the passionate and exciting time in between. If your relationship is just starting to turn serious and you want to take it to the next level, a bunch of orange roses is the perfect message.


Orange roses can have different meanings depending on their specific shade and the situation they are used in. More subdued shades show the receiver the joy your relationship with them brings you, no matter the type of relationship, and orange roses given to a friend are for peace, happiness, and health. 

Bright and vibrant orange roses have been used to decorate fall weddings and other functions for a century, and so, have connotations of excitement for the future. For that reason, we give orange roses to our significant others to show them that we want to take the next step in our relationship with them. 

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