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What Does it Mean When You Drop the Blunt

When You Drop the Blunt: 5 Other Meanings Besides Your Partner is Having Sex With Someone


A blunt, also known as a joint or spliff, is a hand-rolled marijuana cigarette. There is a lot of etiquette related to smoking marijuana with other people, and so, a simple misstep, like dropping the joint on the floor, has a number of reactions and meanings related to it. 

Whether you’re worried about what your smoking buddies think of your clumsiness when you drop the blunt or some superstitious meaning that could be more sinister, chances are, it’s just a simple mistake and doesn’t mean anything.

However, we’ve got you covered with a few possible (and some highly unlikely) meanings for when you drop the blunt.

Why Did You Drop the Blunt and Its Meanings?


If you’re generally a clumsy person and you tend to drop things all the time, you can probably assume that dropping a joint is just another symptom of your butter fingers.

If you tend to smoke with a group of people, you might want to warn them about your clumsiness or just try to be very careful when receiving or passing the joint. 

Dropping a spliff on the floor probably won’t do it much harm, especially if it is rolled well, but it may knock the coal out or land in some dirt, which your smoking friends might not appreciate very much.

A common reaction to you dropping the blunt might be a (usually) playful punch to the arm, but there should be no more consequences than that.

Shaky Hands

You might drop the joint if your hands are shaking. This could be because you are nervous, excited, or uncomfortable in your surroundings. Maybe you are smoking with a new group that you don’t really know, or maybe you are attracted to someone and struggling to keep your cool. 

This could also be because you are new to smoking and unsure of yourself. Or, it could just be because you have shaky hands naturally, and you can try to hold the blunt in a more stable way each time it is passed to you, so you can avoid dropping it. 

You’re Really Stoned

If you only tend to drop the blunt after you’ve taken a few drags, it might just be because you’re really blazed and your mind and body are a little out of sync.

If this is a common occurrence with you, it might be best to smoke over a surface that isn’t flammable and make sure you don’t drop the joint on your clothing, furniture, carpet, or bedding.

Not only could doing so make holes in your linen or clothing, but if you lose the coal, it could cause a fire and end up burning down your house.

It’s not worth risking your life or your home, so if you tend to get really stoned, make sure you always smoke somewhere where you don’t risk burning anything, especially if you smoke alone. 

You Can’t Afford to Contribute

The expression “dropping the blunt” is also sometimes used by someone who is unable to contribute towards the day’s smoking rations, so offers to contribute the rolling papers to roll the joint.

If you smoke in a group and everyone brings a little weed to contribute, you could say, “I’m all out today, but I’ll drop the blunt,” meaning that you will gather all the contributions and roll the shared spliff using your own papers. 

This is not a very common meaning for the phrase, so if you want to use it, you should make sure the people you smoke with know what you mean. 

Bad Luck

Some smokers believe that dropping the blunt is a sign of bad luck. This superstition can cause negative emotions in the group, and especially in the person who dropped the joint.

It might make them feel as if they have brought bad luck on themselves and others, or make them worry about things to come, rather than enjoying the smoking session with friends.

Your Partner is Having Sex with Others

This is a superstition that has become common amongst certain groups of pot smokers. They believe that if someone drops the joint it means that their significant other is having sex with someone else and they should call them and find out where they are. 

An example could be when a group of guys are sitting smoking a joint and one of them repeatedly drops the blunt on the floor. His friends might start teasing him, saying that he must call his girl because someone is having sex with her.

A common reaction is for the guy who dropped the blunt to immediately put down the joint (this is where the double meaning of drop the blunt comes in) so he can FaceTime his girlfriend to find out what she is doing and who she is with, in the hopes of catching her doing something wrong. 

Most superstitions are harmless and are no cause for concern, like believing that when your right palm is itchy it means money is coming in.

However, this superstition is usually held by men about women, and it can be harmful because it could cause an argument, breakup, or even abuse if the wrong type of person believes their partner is cheating on them. 

Most superstitions have no basis in reality, and if you drop your joint, whether once or many times, it is likely because of one of the first 2 reasons above, and does not have anything to do with your SO’s whereabouts or actions.

Other Meanings for Dropped the Blunt

There are a few other meanings for the phrase that have nothing to do with smoking weed, including:

  • Telling it straight – you can refer to telling someone the hard truth in a direct way as “dropping the blunt.” For example, “I dropped the blunt on her that it’s not working between us.”
  • If someone is not a smoker and they say they’ve dropped the blunt, it likely means that they’ve had a realization about their partner’s cheating. It might be hard evidence or just a feeling, but it refers to them believing that their partner is being intimate with someone else. 


Among marijuana smokers, there are a few different ideas about what dropping the blunt or joint symbolizes. It could be because you are clumsy, nervous, or just really stoned, and these are the most likely options. It can also mean that you have no weed to contribute so you offer to contribute rolling papers instead.

Some superstitious smokers believe that dropping the blunt is a sign of bad luck, and others believe that it means the person’s SO is cheating on them. However, superstitions can be harmful and this one could cause significant issues in a relationship, especially since superstition is not proof of anything.

Outside of the act of smoking weed, the phrase “dropping the blunt” means telling the truth in a direct manner or that a person has found reason to suspect that their SO is cheating on them.

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