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LMS Meaning In Text and Social Media

LMS Meaning In Text and Social Media: “Let Me See” or “Like My Status”


You may receive “LMS” text from your friend’s message, or see it on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook. So what’s the meaning of it?

Well, that depends on where you find “LMS”, who says it, and the situation it is used. 

Generally, LMS is the acronym for “Let Me See” or “Like My Status”. 

“Let Me See” can be understood as “Let me have a look” or “Let me think” when you use it in talking or texting with others, while “Like My Status” is usually used in social media to ask for likes.

Let’s see more details.

“Let Me See”

One of the most common places people see “LMS” is in a text or private message. It means “Let Me See”, which can stand for two meanings: “Let me have a look” or “Let me think”. 

To know which one is the real meaning of the speaker, you need to consider what you are discussing.

“Let me have a look” Use Example

You text your best friend that you are looking at the beautiful barista who is making you a low-fat, caramel latte, and they send back LMS.

Your best friend wants you to take a picture and send it to them. You could always respond “LOL. I’ll send it to you later if she agrees for me to take the picture.”

“Let me think” Use Example 1

You text your crush that you have two tickets to see Taylor Swift and ask if they want to go with you, and what she answers is LMS. 

Yes, your sweetie is being somewhat subversive, but that may be the point. Your crush could have a prior arrangement, and they may need time to “see” if they can get out of it politely or maybe your crush likes you, but not Taylor. 

Your guess would be much better than ours. Either way, it seems you will need to wait for that answer.  

“Let me think” Use Example 2

You text your mother to see if she needs you to bring anything to her retirement party, and she sends back LMS.

Your mom is unsure and needs time to think about what she wants then let you know. 

“Like My Status”

When LMS appears on social media, for example on Facebook, it usually means “Like My Status.” We often see this when somebody posts a video or a recipe with the text “LMS”. Facebook friends want feedback. That is how they know what you want to see. 

It can appear with commentary on current events or even an update on someone’s status, and it is there to elicit interaction from a much wider audience than the “Let Me See” that we use in private messaging.  

This is how budding influencers, office comedians, bar-b-cue masters, and photographers measure the success of what they are posting. 

For example, a poster may write “If you are enjoying this content, LMS to see more.” to attract likes. They use this way to measure the success of a post.

Sometimes, they need to test what material works on social media platforms. As you know, that depends on the like numbers and interactions between the poster and readers.

“LMS for a TBH” is another acronym you may see sometimes when looking through social media. It means that if you “Like My Status”, they will post a “To Be Honest” on something you have posted.

After all, there is no sense in getting an opinion if it isn’t honest. Yet, honesty goes both ways, and if you honestly like the post, then communicate that, and wait for the response. 

Other Meanings of LMS

Here are a few more potential meanings: 

  • Let Me Slide: When you ask someone to give you a break or to not be too strict with you.
  • Let Me Sit: When you want to ask for a moment to rest or to take some time to think about something. It implies your need for a break or a pause in a conversation or activity. 
  • Last Man Standing: The only person left in a competition or situation when everyone else has given up or been eliminated.
  • Learning Management System: A computer program used by schools or businesses to organize and deliver lessons or training online.
  • Library Management System: Software that helps run a library, like keeping track of books and who borrows them.
  • Little Man Syndrome: When a shorter person acts overly confident or aggressive to make up for their height.
  • Let Me Stand: when you drive 500 miles to see your mother on Christmas, and you need to stand as you sit for a long time.


“Let Me See” in text and “Like My Status” on social media are the two most common ways we use the acronym LMS. Each meaning is wildly different. Probably you’ll learn the meaning if you pay attention to where you see it and who says it. 

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