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SMD Meaning in Texting

SMD Meaning in Texting: A Rude Way to Express Your Anger and More


If you’ve ever seen the abbreviation “SMD” in a text message or on social media, you’ve probably been pretty interested to know what it means, especially because it is often used in anger, and the tone of the text you saw it in may not be very friendly or even disrespectful

If you’ve been the target of an angry text message, the last thing you want is to not fully understand what it means. 

If, however, the message was friendly and the abbreviation obviously did not express anger, it could be that the person messaging you was using one of the other, less common, meanings of SMD. Read on to find out all the possible things it could mean.

What Does SMD Mean?

Most commonly, when used in texting, SMD means “suck my d*ck.” It is often used to show anger towards the person it is being said to, letting them know that their opinion or comment is not appreciated.

It is a common replacement for insulting phrases like, “F*ck you,” or “Go f*ck yourself.” Here is an example of a conversation in which SMD is used to express anger:

Person 1: “You need to lose some weight – fat people are ugly and unhealthy.”

Person 2: “SMD, man. I’m happy with the way I look and I don’t care what you think.”

SMD can also be used in a fun way between friends, but only if you are sure your friends will take it as intended and not take offense. It is often used among computer gamers as a light-hearted insult in friendly banter. For example:

Friend 1: *Laughing* “OMG, I can’t believe you missed that shot!”

Friend 2: “SMD, dude. At least I’m trying. Wait till I’ve had as much practice as you. Some of us have to work for a living!”

There is a third way in which this abbreviation could be used, and that is when a guy says it to a girl as a direct command or request. If you receive this “request” from a guy whom you don’t know very well, I suggest you see it as a red flag and go away. 

The only time it is okay for a guy to say this to a girl is if they are in a relationship and they both enjoy this kind of dirty talk. Here is an example of how it should not be used:

Guy: “Girl, you’re so hot. Please SMD.”

Girl: “Ew. Get a life, jerk. I’m blocking you.”

When Can You Use SMD?

If you choose to use this phrase, either in its full form or as an abbreviation, you should think if it is suitable to do so. 

You obviously don’t want to use such a vulgar expression in your professional life or around people who are offended by swearing or sexual innuendo, and you should only use it among friends if they are certain to know you are joking. 

If you are wanting to express your anger towards someone, there are far better ways to do so than using a vulgar and insulting expression like SMD, so give some thought to your response before choosing to use this aggressive expression to communicate your feelings.

How to Respond to SMD in a Text

How to respond to someone who has said SMD to you in a text message depends on the context of the message. 

If the person said SMD out of anger towards you, you could apologize to them if their anger was caused by you, or if they are being unreasonable, you could try to talk to them about the reason for their anger to calm them down. 

If you know the person and you are sure they are saying it to be funny, you could respond with a similar joke. 

If you’re looking for specific responses, here are a few that can be used:

  • “You first.”
  • “No thanks, you’re not my type.”
  • “I don’t speak in abbreviations – what does this mean?”
  • “I would, but I can’t find it.”
  • “Ask me on a date first!”

Other Possible Meanings of SMD

There are also some less common meanings for the abbreviation “SMD”. So before replying, you need to understand the context of the message, so you can know if SMD means as an insult, playful banter, or other meanings. 

Here are some other possibilities:

  • Share My Drink
  • So Much Drama
  • Small Man’s Disease
  • Standard Mean Difference
  • Sega Mega Drive


The most common meaning of SMD is “Suck my d*ck,” and it can be used in a number of ways. It can be another way to say “F*ck you,” which could be said in anger or as a joke among friends.

It could also be a literal request from a guy to a girl, but this is very rude and should not be used unless the guy knows the girl will take it the right way.

If someone says SMD to you, you can respond by talking to the person about their anger, or you can respond with a similar joke, whether they meant it as a joke or not. No matter how you intend it, SMD should be used carefully, if at all.

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