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What To Put In Dog Food To Stop Them Eating Poop

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop (5 Reasons) and What To Put In Dog Food To Stop Them Eating Poop (7 Food)?


As a dog owner, you love your dog. You often let your dog lick and kiss you, and then one day you see your beloved pet eating poop. Not only is it gross and disgusting, but now you think of those licks and kisses as unpleasant. 

Don’t worry, you are not alone. I have seen my dogs eat poop and it happens to many dog owners. 

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Dogs eat poop – also known as Coprophagia – due to behavioral issues or medical issues.  If you can identify the why, then you can work on ways to deter and prevent your dog from eating poop in the future. This will make you feel better, you will enjoy those licks and kisses again and it will be better for your dog. 

It is detrimental for dogs to eat poop. It can contain toxins and parasites and make them very sick. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons your dog may be eating poop.  


Bored dogs will often seek out ways to amuse themselves and this includes eating poop. Prevent poop eating by walking your dog. Buy or create enrichment toys. Set aside time for play. Giving your dog the attention it needs reduces boredom and deepens the bond between you.


Anxiety is often common in multi-dog households or shelters. If you have gotten a dog from a shelter or rescued a dog there is a high probability your dog may eat poop. When a dog is fearful of eating with other dogs this can lead to stress and hunger. When a dog is hungry they will seek out unsavory things to eat like poop. 

Your dog may be copying other dogs that it has seen eating poop in a shelter. It may have had previous trauma that you aren’t aware of. Separation anxiety can be a key factor in poop eating also.

Not Wanting To Get In Trouble

Sometimes dogs have accidents or sometimes they are lazy. This may cause them to poop inside and to avoid getting in trouble they will eat the poop. A dog can be very clever when it doesn’t want you to know it did something wrong.

Lactating Dogs

Mother dogs eat their puppies’ poop and lick up their pee to keep the environment clean. A mother dog that is nursing puppies will eat poop to ensure a clean safe place for her puppies to develop.

This is normal behavior for a mother dog and shouldn’t be too much of a concern. The mother dog should stop cleaning the poop around 4-6 weeks.

Lack Of Nutrition

Dogs that lack nutrition will often seek out ways to try to meet their nutritional needs. Dogs that lack nutrition have nutritional deficiencies and problems with their digestive system. Instinctually a dog will eat poop when it is hungry and when there are no other food sources available. Dogs in the wild will eat poop as a way to help them survive. 

What to Put in Dog Food to Stop Them from Eating Poop – Natural Ways and Home Remedies to Prevent and Deter Dogs

Our aim is to provide ways that make the poop taste bad and that improve your dog’s health. Don’t despair if it doesn’t work straight away or if you need to try different combinations. Changing your dog’s bad habits takes time. Avoid using kibble. Increase the amount of raw and fresh foods as they will benefit your dog. 

Having assisted many dogs and provided high-quality foods such as those listed below I have found this helps accelerate and boost their nutritional development. This creates a healthy and strong immune system. 

When a dog has its nutritional needs met it lessens the need to eat dog poop. All these items are guidelines only and it is always best to check with your vet when changing your dog’s diet.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a great way to improve your dog’s digestive health and a small amount is all that’s needed. Apple Cider Vinegar increases the levels of acid in your dog’s stomach. This makes it easier for your dog to absorb nutrients. Adding a small amount to your dog’s food decreases the need to eat poop as it will taste unappealing. 

2. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is ideal for dogs. The benefits to your dog’s health from eating pumpkin are many. Pumpkin reduces diarrhea and is good when your dog has an upset stomach. It keeps them full, aids with constipation, and maintains good urinary tract health.

Pumpkin is high in fiber which aids digestion and dogs love its sweet taste. Pumpkin reduces the need to eat poop due to its fiber content. This helps your dog feel full. When a dog feels full it has no need to eat poop.

3. Pineapple

Giving pineapple to your dog will make your dog not like the smell and taste of poop. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain and this aids in the digestion of proteins.

Use raw pineapple not canned as the canned variety is high in sugar. Be careful not to give your dog too much pineapple. A couple of small pieces every few days is enough.

4. Green Vegetables

Spinach and broccoli change the smell of your dog’s poop which makes the poop unpalatable. They are also full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that add to your dog’s general health. Steam green vegetables for a few minutes. Feeding raw vegetables can make them difficult to digest.

5. Digestive Supplements

Digestive enzyme supplements help assist in the breakdown of food. This allows more nutrients to enter your dog’s body. Probiotics assist in maintaining good gut flora. Giving digestive supplements aids in proper nutrition. When your dog has good nutrition they have no need to eat poop. 

6. Doggy Multivitamins

Giving a good quality multivitamin to your dog has many benefits. Dogs that eat poop often suffer a vitamin B complex deficiency. Giving a multivitamin every day can reduce this. When your dog eats poop it could be because it is looking for these essential B complex vitamins.

7. Coconut Oil

Dogs like fat. Dog poop contains fat. A small amount of coconut oil in your dog’s food helps your dog get that yummy fatty taste they are looking for. It also lessens their need to search out poop to fulfill this desire.

Key Takeaways

Whenever possible relieve your dog from boredom or stress. Walking them helps with this.

The foods discussed help make the poop taste bad. Other foods are to reduce appetite and promote good nutrition.

Not all foods will work for all dogs. Using greens is a good fit for all.

High-quality food is key to alleviating issues related to poop eating.

Remove poop to block access to eating it.

The article is written by Michelle Sinkinson

Michelle Sinkinson has a passion for helping, educating, and writing about dogs. They are very important to her as she has a small rescue facility for dogs and love watching them thrive and be happy. When she is not caring for the dogs at home or in the streets, she enjoys traveling, trying new foods, learning new things, and meeting new people.


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