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Can You Use a Walmart Gift Card For Gas?

Can You Use a Walmart Gift Card For Gas?

When you drive your car to fuel up, you suddenly remember there’s a Walmart gift card in your wallet or your Walmart app. 

Now, you’re curious if this card can be used as a payment for gas. Yes, Walmart-branded gas stations, Sam’s Club Gas Stations and Murphy USA and Murphy Express locations accept Walmart gift cards. 

Using a Walmart Gift Card is an easy and cost-effective way to fill up your car. 

Here we will explore several factors that you may want to know about getting gas with a Walmart Gift Card.

What Gas Stations Can You Use a Walmart Gift Card For Payment?

Just as you choose the best roads for your journey, it’s key to know what gas stations accept your Walmart Gift Card. Walmart has partnerships with various gas stations, which makes it easy and convenient to use your gift card.

Walmart Gas Stations

Next time you’re riding low on fuel near a Walmart, look for the Walmart-branded gas stations. These stations are directly affiliated with Walmart and are programmed to accept Walmart Gift Cards seamlessly. 

They are located in convenient spots, often adjacent to Walmart Supercenters, ensuring you can hop from grocery shopping to gas pumping without changing locations. You can search the Walmart gas location by tying your ZIP or city.

Sam’s Club Gas Stations

Membership at Sam’s Club comes with many benefits, and this extends to gas fill-ups. If you’re a member, rejoice in the fact that your Walmart Gift Card is also a key to unlocking the pumps at Sam’s Club Gas Stations. 

Sam’s Club says: You can use Walmart gift cards at Sam’s Club fuel stations. However, if your card only has a barcode and can’t be scanned, it won’t work at the pump. Gift cards that have a magnetic strip are good to go for buying fuel.

This is especially handy as Sam’s Club often offers competitive prices on fuel, aligning with Walmart’s commitment to affordability and convenience. 

Just show your membership card and then proceed to use your Walmart Gift Card at the pump. It’s a smooth process that lets you benefit from membership perks while on the go.


Murphy USA and Murphy Express locations are also welcoming to Walmart Gift Card holders. These stations stand out for their widespread presence and their association with Walmart, with many situated near Walmart Supercenters.

They offer the ease of paying at the pump with your Walmart Gift Card, also making them an another go-to option for fueling up quickly and efficiently.

Does a Walmart Gas Card Cover Every Type Of Gas?

Understanding what your Walmart Gift Card covers can help you make informed decisions at the pump. Generally, Walmart Gift Cards can be used for nearly all types of fuel offered at participating gas stations, including unleaded, mid-grade, premium, and diesel. 

However, it’s important to note that the availability of these fuel types can vary by location. Therefore, before filling up, ensure the station provides the specific type of gas your vehicle requires.

Such flexibility ensures that whether you’re driving a compact city car or a heavy-duty truck, your Walmart Gift Card has got your back.

How Much Can You Save On Gas With a Walmart Gift Card?

While the primary purpose of using a Walmart Gift Card for gas lies in the convenience and the utilization of existing funds on the card, there may be additional savings, especially during promotional periods. 

Occasionally, Walmart and its partner gas stations offer discounts to card users, such as a few cents off per gallon. These promotions can vary by location and time of year, so it’s worth checking current offers before you head to the pump.

How Does a Walmart Gift Card Work for Gas?

The way of using your Walmart Gift Card for gas is straightforward. At participating gas stations, you can insert your gift card directly into the pump, just like a credit or debit card. 

If the pump asks for a PIN, you typically enter the ZIP code associated with the gift card or your personal information. Some locations may require you to go inside the station to pre-pay with the gift card. 

Keep in mind the transaction will only be successful if the card balance covers the total cost of the gas purchase. It’s always a good idea to know your card’s balance before using it, which you can check online or by calling the number on the back of the card.

For an even smoother experience, consider using the Walmart or Sam’s Club mobile app.

Some locations allow you to pay for your gas directly through the app, integrating your gift card for payment without needing to swipe at the pump, which brings added convenience and enhances security by reducing the physical handling of your card.

Benefits of Using a Walmart Gift Card for Gas

Opting to use a Walmart Gift Card for your gas purchases comes with a suite of benefits:

  • Convenience: With a Walmart Gift Card, you have the flexibility to fuel up at various locations, including Walmart, Murphy USA, and Sam’s Club gas stations.
  • Budget Management: Utilizing a gift card can help you manage your monthly spending on fuel, especially helpful in times of fluctuating gas prices.
  • Security: Using a gift card is often safer than cash and provides an added layer of security against fraud compared to using credit or debit cards at the pump.
  • Gift or Rewards: Walmart Gift Cards can be given as gifts or received as rewards, making them a practical tool for saving on necessary expenses like gas.

How to Use Your Gift Card for Gas Efficiently

To maximize the value of your Walmart Gift Card when using it for gas, follow these tips:

  • Check Your Balance: Always know your gift card’s balance before heading to the pump. This ensures you have enough funds to cover your purchase and avoids the inconvenience of a declined transaction.
  • Look for Promotions: Sometimes, Walmart and partner gas stations run promotions where you can save more on gas when paying with a gift card. Keep an eye on Walmart’s website or sign up for their newsletter to catch these deals.
  • Combine with Cash or Another Payment Method: If your purchase exceeds the card’s balance, some stations allow you to pay the difference with another payment method. This way, you can use up the entire value of your gift card without leaving any funds unused.
  • Plan Your Refills: To stretch the value of your gift card further, try to fill up during times when gas prices are lower. Early morning or late evening are often good times to check for lower rates.

Why Your Walmart Gift Card Was Declined at the Gas Pump?

Even with careful planning, you may face a situation where your Walmart Gift Card gets declined at the gas station. 2 common reasons include:

Not Enough Funds on Your Walmart Gift Card

The most common reason for a decline is insufficient funds. Gas stations authorize a higher amount than the actual purchase to ensure the card can cover the fill-up; if the card balance is lower than this authorization amount, the transaction will be declined.

So always check your card balance before using it to avoid this issue.

If possible, use the Walmart App or call the customer service number on the back of your gift card to check the balance before making alternative payment arrangements. So you can know whether it is the insufficient funds or other problems that make your gift card declined.

Technical Issues

Sometimes, technical problems can occur. The magnetic stripe on your card may be damaged, or there may be an issue with the gas station’s card reader. 

If you believe the decline is due to a damaged card or a reader malfunction, reporting this to both the gas station attendant and Walmart’s customer support can help resolve the problem and prevent future occurrences.

In this situation, you can try paying inside the station instead of at the pump, as the attendant can manually input the card’s details.

You can also use another payment method, whether it’s cash, a debit card, or another credit card, having a backup payment method ensures you’re not left stranded if your Walmart Gift Card is declined. It’s always smart to prepare for the unexpected, especially when traveling or far from home.


Using a Walmart Gift Card for gas offers a convenient, budget-friendly, and flexible way to manage your fuel expenses. 

You can fill up at a Walmart, Sam’s Club, or Murphy USA gas station. You can maximize the gift card’s benefits if you understand how to use it efficiently. 

By staying informed about your card’s balance, taking advantage of promotional offers, and knowing how to troubleshoot common issues, you can ensure a smooth and cost-effective experience at the pump.

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