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How to Become a Shein Tester and Review Free Products

How to Become a Shein Tester and Review Free Products: Step by Step


Imagine being the first to try on the newest fashion releases and the thrill of sharing your insights with a community eager for your opinions. The SHEIN Free Trial Program does just that. 

What is Shein’s Free Trial Program?

It provides a platform where fashion enthusiasts can receive new clothing items for free. The catch? You get to wear them, assess them, and create in-depth reviews to guide future shoppers.

If you’re chosen by SHEIN’s selective hand, you will be sent a piece of clothing which you then critique based on quality, fit, style, and comfort. SHEIN covers shipping fees, but you might need to pay Customs Duty where applicable.

The process is straightforward: within 10 days of the item landing on your doorstep, you’re expected to submit an honest and detailed review alongside photos showcasing the piece. 

How To Apply a SHEIN Tester?

Ready to jump into SHEIN free fashion trials? Here’s your step-by-step guide to apply:

  1. First, log into your SHEIN User Account. Navigate to “More Services” under your “Personal Center,” select “Other Services,” and then head to “Free Trial Center.” This is where you’ll find a range of items waiting to be tried and reviewed.
  2. You can apply for up to 3 items per week. Click “Free Trial” on the item of your choice, select a size, input the shipping address, and hit “Submit.” Your application will now show a “Pending” status in the “My Free Trial” section.
  3. If luck is on your side, your application will be selected, and the announcement will be made on the “Free Trial Center” page. In case you’re not selected, the status under “My Applications” will read “Failed.”
  4. For the selected few, “Approved” gleams brightly under “My Applications,” meaning your free item is on its way.
  5. Once the item arrives at your doorstep, your role as a SHEIN tester begins. It’s essential to thoroughly examine the various attributes of the piece, from the way it hugs or hangs on your body to the stitching that weaves its story.
  6. You’ll need to write a compelling, thorough, and genuine review, complete with photos. Access the review submission section through your SHEIN User Account and ensure your insights are shared within the specified 10-day period.
  7. Your review should meet SHEIN’s specific formatting and content requirements. Adhere to all guidelines as you upload your review and photos, paying attention to detail and authenticity.
  8. After your review submission, the SHEIN team will evaluate it, confirming whether it complies with the length, quality, and community standards detailed in their Review Guidance. Keep in mind that once your review is approved, your words and photographic contributions become integral to the SHEIN product review page, helping hundreds to thousands of customers make their purchasing decisions.

How to Qualify for SHEIN Free Trial?

Here’s what you need to know to qualify:

  • Ensure you have an active SHEIN User Account. The Free Trial Program is open only to those who are officially registered on the SHEIN platform.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate. This age requirement is in place to ensure all participants are legally able to agree to the terms and conditions of the program.
  • Participation in the Free Trial is limited to 3 applications per week, giving you multiple chances to be selected for a free product test.

How Are Winners Selected?

The process for selecting Free Trial participants is both simple and random. SHEIN relies on an automated system that picks testers without bias. The odds of being chosen vary based on the number of applications received for each item. 

Therefore, the more popular an item is, the more competition there is to be selected as a reviewer. Keep applying each week to increase your chances of being selected.

How to Increase Your Chances of Being a SHEIN Tester?

To improve your odds in the SHEIN Free Trial selection pool, consider bulking up the quality of your user account. 

Consistent, quality participation in the SHEIN community, such as providing thoughtful reviews on items you’ve purchased can reflect positively on your account. The system may consider such factors alongside the sheer number of applications when drawing names. More than luck, it’s about showing engagement and interest in the SHEIN ecosystem.

SHEIN Free Trial Rules & Requirements

Before you dive into the Free Trial Program, there are a few rules and requirements you need to be aware of:

  • Your SHEIN User Account is your gateway to participation. Ensure it’s set up correctly and that all your details are up-to-date.
  • Once you’ve processed a Free Trial, SHEIN will take care of shipping the product directly to you. Double-check your size and address before applying.
  • Reviews need to be submitted within 10 days of receiving the item. Make sure your review includes a full-body photo and detailed shots of the item for a comprehensive view.
  • Any form of dishonest behavior, such as using multiple accounts to apply for Free Trials or plagiarizing content for reviews, is strictly prohibited and may result in a ban from the program and termination of your SHEIN User Account.
  • Upon submitting your reviews and photos to SHEIN, you agree to grant SHEIN rights to the content as per their Terms of Use. However, SHEIN is not obligated to use your submission and may remove it at any time at their discretion.
  • Always refer to SHEIN’s Privacy Policy for detailed information on how your personal data is handled throughout your participation in the Free Trial Program.

Quality Review Requirement

What makes a review stand out and helpful for others? SHEIN expects a level of depth and honesty in the reviews provided. Here’s how to ensure your review meets the mark:


A quality review should be more than just your initial reaction—it should offer a fair evaluation of the product. Discuss the pros and cons and provide specific details about how the item met or did not meet your expectations. 

Be transparent about any issues you encounter, such as fit or fabric quality problems, as well as what you love, like comfort or design details.


Visuals are a powerful tool in reviews. Capture high-quality, clear images that show the full scope of the product – one that includes a full-body shot and others that highlight specific details of the item.

The way you style the item and your favorite aspects of it should shine through in these photos, but remember to keep things tasteful and appropriate.


Aim for clarity and conciseness in your written review. Help potential buyers understand both the advantages and shortcomings of the item. Sharing personal insights, such as how it fits into your existing wardrobe or any unexpected features, adds value to your review.

Recommendations & Suggestions

The purpose of your review is to assist others in making informed decisions. Be truthful and constructive with your feedback. Your honest opinion matters not only to other customers but also to SHEIN as they strive to improve their products.


Becoming a SHEIN tester is not only about the excitement of trying out and keeping new clothes; it’s about building a bridge between customers and the brand.

Your honest reviews empower other shoppers to make choices that align with their style and expectations while providing SHEIN with real-world feedback that can drive improvement and innovation.

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