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How to Make Money Online as a Teen

17 Proven Ways for Teens to Make Money Online: From Blogging to Virtual Assistance


Are you looking for some easy ways to make pocket money online without having to step out your front door? The digital world offers a wealth of opportunities for teenagers to earn cash from the comfort of their home. 

In this article, we will talk about common online money-making strategies tailored for teens, exploring each one in detail to unlock potential income streams.

1. Blogging (Display Ads and Affiliate Marketing)

Blogging is more than just a platform to express yourself—it can also be a profitable venture. By creating engaging content on topics you’re passionate about as well as low competition keywords on Google, you can attract a readership and obtain organic traffic that equates to earnings. 

Making Money with Display Ads:

Start by writing compelling content consistently. You could blog about fashion, video games, DIY crafts, or any topic that interests you. Once you have a steady flow of visitors, it’s time to monetize your blog with display ads. 

These ads are placed on your site, and you earn money every time a visitor clicks on them—a system known as pay-per-click (PPC). 

Joining ad networks like Google AdSense is a straightforward way for beginners to get started. Keep in mind the key is to maintain/update quality content to keep your audience engaged.

Earning Through Affiliate Marketing

Another avenue within blogging is affiliate marketing. This involves promoting products or services and receiving a commission for each sale that comes through your blog. To succeed, choose affiliates that align with your blog’s niche and audience interests. 

Amazon Associates, for example, is an excellent program for beginners to join. Your main goal is to create trustworthy content that genuinely recommends products, without appearing overly salesy.

Blogging success won’t happen overnight—it requires patience, persistence, and a learning mindset. However, once it picks up momentum, it can become a significant source of income.

2. Online Surveys (Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, or Toluna)

Businesses are always in need of consumer opinions to improve their products or services, and they’re willing to pay for it. 

Online surveys vary in length and subject matter, taking anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes to complete. Typically, each survey has a set of questions that you need to answer honestly. It’s important to sign up with reputable survey sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, or Toluna to avoid scams.

While taking surveys won’t make you rich, it’s a way to earn a bit of extra cash or gift cards. Payments range from $0.50 to $50 per survey, but most hover around the $3 mark. 

To maximize earnings, sign up for several survey sites and be consistent. Your demographic information will determine your eligibility for certain surveys, so provide accurate details.

As with any online opportunity, protect your personal information and look out for surveys that ask you to make a purchase or provide credit card details—those are red flags!

3. Freelance (Fiverr & Upwork)

Freelancing is an excellent pathway for teens to capitalize on their skills. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork have created spaces where you can offer your services to clients across the globe. 

First, identify your skill set. Are you great at writing or editing? Are you an ace at graphic design or proficient in video editing? Or perhaps you’re skilled at coding or have a knack for languages and can offer translation services? 

Once you’ve pinpointed your strengths, set up a profile on these platforms, showcasing your skills and past work, if available.

Create a portfolio of your work to display your skills. Then, browse through job listings on Fiverr or Upwork to find tasks that match your abilities. Start with smaller gigs to build up your reputation. As your ratings and reviews begin to grow, so can your rate and the scope of projects you take on.

Keep in mind that success in freelancing depends on your ability to deliver quality work on time, communicate effectively with clients, and manage your workflow efficiently. The competition can be tough, but with consistency and strong work ethic, you can stand out and make a steady income.

4. Starting a YouTube Channel

YouTube isn’t just for watching funny cat videos; it’s also a powerful platform for making money online. If you’re passionate about a niche and comfortable in front of a camera, this might be your ideal money-making avenue.

Focus on content that adds value—whether that’s educational, entertaining, or inspiring. Consistency is key; regularly uploading videos keeps viewers interested and engaged. Also, pay attention to video quality and editing; these factors significantly influence viewer experience.

Once you hit a certain number of subscribers and watch hours, you can monetize your channel through YouTube’s Partner Program. This allows you to earn money through ad revenue, channel memberships, and Super Chat features during live streams. 

In addition, consider integrating affiliate marketing by reviewing products or services and linking them in your video descriptions.

Growing a YouTube channel takes time, patience, and effort. However, if you’re dedicated and produce content that resonates with viewers, it could evolve into a lucrative platform.

5. Manage Social Media

Businesses often seek savvy social media users to help them manage their online presence. As a teen comfortable with social media, you could fill this need.

Social media management entails creating posts, engaging with the audience by replying to comments, and sometimes handling customer service inquiries via direct messaging. You might also be responsible for creating a content calendar and analyzing the performance of various posts.

To start, reach out to local businesses or offer your services on freelancing platforms. Demonstrate your understanding of different social media platforms and provide examples of how you could improve their online presence.

Create a portfolio that includes sample posts, content plans, and success stories from any previous work if you have them.

As you gain experience and build a network, your reputation as a reliable social media manager will grow. This role not only pays but also hones skills that are highly sought after in the digital marketing industry.

6. Stream Video Games (Twitch & YouTube Gaming)

Video game streaming is a fun way to make money while engaging in your hobby. Platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming allow you to broadcast your gameplay to the world.

To get started, ensure you have a decent gaming setup and a stable internet connection. Next, focus on building a community by streaming consistently, interacting with your audience, and creating a welcoming environment on your channel.

Streamers earn through subscriptions, donations, ad revenue, and sponsorships. Engage your audience with high-quality streams, collaborate with other gamers, and participate in community events. The more you grow your follower base, the more money-making opportunities will come your way.

It’s not just about playing games; it’s about entertainment and connection. Personalize your streams by sharing insights, stories, or tips related to the games you play. Being relatable and interactive keeps viewers returning and builds loyalty, essential for long-term success as a streamer.

7. Virtual Assistant

The role of a virtual assistant (VA) is like being a remote administrative assistant. You can provide support to businesses or entrepreneurs, helping them manage daily tasks from wherever you are.

There’s a broad range of tasks that a VA might take on, including scheduling appointments, formatting presentations, designing simple graphics, data entry, and managing emails.

Some VAs also help with blog management, posting on social media, or even content creation. Identify your skill areas and market those to potential clients.

Create a profile on freelancing websites or reach out directly to business owners. Be sure to outline the types of services you offer, your availability, and your rates.

Starting out, you may want to offer competitive rates to attract clients. As you gain experience and build a portfolio, you can increase your rates accordingly.

Being a VA helps you develop a suite of professional skills while earning money, and you might even build connections that can benefit your future career.

8. Sell Items Online (eBay & Etsy)

In the age of online marketplaces, selling items from the comfort of your home has never been easier. Whether it’s old books, clothing, handmade crafts, or even your original art, there’s a platform where you can find buyers.

First, do some spring cleaning and sort through items you no longer need or want. Make sure they’re in good condition—secondhand does not mean second-rate. If you’re creative, consider crafting unique items or even selling digital products such as printables or designs.

Depending on what you’re selling, platforms like eBay, Etsy, Depop, or Poshmark may be perfect for you. Each platform has its own fee structure and audience, so choose wisely. Take clear, appealing photos of your items, write honest, detailed descriptions, and set fair prices.

Remember to factor in shipping costs and platform fees when pricing your items. Great customer service and quick shipping can earn you positive reviews, which are crucial for long-term success in online selling.

9. Online Tutoring ( & VIPKid)

If you excel in a particular subject, online tutoring can be a rewarding and profitable venture. Whether it’s math, science, English, or even a musical instrument, sharing your knowledge can make a difference in someone else’s education while also providing you with a steady income.

Build up your credentials by helping friends or classmates, gathering testimonials, or even creating tutoring material that showcases your approach. Being patient, clear, and communicative is essential when explaining concepts to others.

Join tutoring platforms like, VIPKid, or Chegg Tutors, where you can connect with students globally. Alternatively, advertise your services locally through school bulletin boards or social media groups. Set your hourly rate based on your expertise and the going rate in the industry.

As you gain experience, you can specialize in particular test preparations, such as SAT or ACT tutoring, which can command higher rates.

10. Become an Influencer (TikTok & Instagram)

Social media influence can be monetized if you have a sizable and engaged following. This involves leveraging your online presence to promote products, share sponsored content, or even collaborate with brands.

The key to becoming an influencer is to create content that resonates with a specific audience on social media platform like TikTok and Instagram. This could be fashion advice, fitness tips, makeup tutorials, or even your daily life as a student.

Be authentic and consistent in your posting to build trust with your audience. Regularly interact with your followers and learn from their feedback to refine your content strategy.

As your online presence grows, you may attract brand deals where companies pay you to promote their products or services.

Start by reaching out to small businesses or brands that align with your content and offer to feature their products in your posts. As you gain popularity, larger brands might approach you for partnerships.

Always disclose sponsored content to your audience to maintain transparency. Being an influencer has responsibilities—only promote products that you genuinely believe in and would use yourself.

11. Create an App and Sell It (Apple App Store & Google Play Store)

If you have a unique app idea and some coding skills, you might be on your way to a lucrative venture. Creating an app involves designing a user-friendly interface, developing the functionality, and solving a specific problem or offering entertainment.

There are numerous free and paid resources online to learn app development. Platforms like Codecademy, Udacity, or Coursera offer courses for various skill levels. Start with a simple project to get a feel for the process and gradually work on more complex ideas.

Once your app is developed, you can monetize it through in-app purchases, advertisements, or by setting a price for the app itself. To publish your app, choose a platform like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, which both have guidelines and fees for developers.

Promote your app through social media, online forums, or ask friends and family to spread the word. Positive reviews and ratings can significantly boost your app’s visibility and success.

12. Apps & Websites Testing (UserTesting & BetaTesting)

Many companies pay users to test their apps and websites before officially launching them. This is where you can come in as a teen with an eye for detail and a willingness to provide feedback.

Sign up with platforms like UserTesting, BetaTesting, or TryMyUI, which connect testers with companies seeking user feedback. Once you’re registered, you may undergo a qualification test to prove your ability to provide useful observations and critiques.

Testing usually involves completing specific tasks within the app or website, recording your screen, and speaking your thoughts out loud. Generally, you’ll discuss the user interface, design, and overall user experience. This feedback helps developers make improvements before their product goes live.

Tests typically take 15 to 30 minutes and can pay anywhere from $5 to over $20 per test, depending on the complexity. Ensure you follow the instructions carefully and provide honest, constructive feedback to ensure you remain a valuable tester and continue to receive opportunities.

13. Sell Pictures (Shutterstock & iStock)

In an increasingly visual digital world, quality photographs are in demand. If you have a good eye and a decent camera or even a smartphone with a high-quality camera, you can sell your photos online.

There are numerous stock photography websites like Shutterstock, iStock, and Adobe Stock where you can upload your images and earn royalties whenever they’re downloaded. You can also sell prints of your work or even offer your photography services for local events or portrait sessions.

It’s important to understand copyright and usage rights, so read up on the legal aspects before selling. Diversify the types of photos you take to increase your likelihood of sales, and constantly work on improving your photography skills.

Don’t forget that visual content is also needed for websites, blogs, and social media. Tailor your offerings to these needs, and you might carve out a niche for your work.

14. Customer Service Representative (Indeed & FlexJobs)

Many companies hire remote customer service representatives to interact with customers via phone, email or chat. As a teen with good communication skills and a desire to help others, you could excel in this role.

Firstly, you’ll need a quiet space to work in and a reliable internet connection. Some positions may require a headset and, depending on the company, you might need to install specific software to manage customer inquiries.

Check job listings on sites like Indeed, FlexJobs, or, which frequently post remote customer service positions. Additionally, many businesses list job openings directly on their websites. When applying, highlight your strong interpersonal skills, ability to solve problems, and any previous experience you might have.

Customer service work can be rewarding and is a great way to gain experience in communication, problem-solving, and the intricacies of various industries.

15. Podcasting

Podcasting has exploded in popularity, and there’s a niche out there for virtually every interest. If you have something to say, an engaging voice, and the dedication to create regular content, podcasting could be an excellent venture for you.

Start by choosing a clear, focused topic that you’re passionate about. Ensure you have decent recording equipment to produce clear audio, and learn the basics of sound editing to polish your episodes. There are plenty of free and paid tools available for recording and editing, such as Audacity or GarageBand.

Just like with blogging and YouTube, consistency is crucial. Release episodes on a regular schedule to grow your listener base. Engage with your audience through social media and consider inviting guests to expand your reach.

Monetize your podcast through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, listener donations, or merchandise related to your show. Sites like Patreon can also provide a platform for fans to support your content with subscription-based contributions.

16. Voiceovers

If you’ve been told you have a great voice, or you love doing impressions and character voices, voiceover work could be just the ticket. With the global market for audiobooks, animation, and e-learning growing, there are numerous opportunities to lend your voice to projects.

Create a demo reel showcasing the range and tone of your voice. You can record this at home with a good microphone and editing software to ensure high quality. Upload your demos to voiceover marketplaces like or Voice123, or reach out to video production companies and advertising agencies.

Just like with other freelance work, your initial gigs might pay less as you build up your portfolio. Take small jobs, deliver high-quality work, and ask for client testimonials.

Networking both online and offline can lead to new opportunities. Join online forums, attend industry conferences, and connect with other voice actors and industry professionals. 

As the quality and size of your portfolio grow, you can start applying for bigger projects with higher compensation. Keep improving your skills and consider getting coaching or training to broaden your abilities and range.

17. Review Songs

If you love music, you might be intrigued to know that there are ways to earn money by reviewing songs. Many platforms pay listeners to provide feedback to emerging artists.

Websites like SliceThePie and Music Xray connect musicians with listeners who can provide valuable feedback. After signing up, you can start listening to tracks and writing reviews. 

Your opinion helps artists shape their music before releasing it to the public. Your pay will depend on the length and quality of your review, as well as your level of expertise.

Over time, as you write more reviews and build up your profile, you could even be invited to review bigger names in the music industry or be given higher-paying review opportunities.

Your feedback should be constructive and detailed. Comment on aspects such as melody, rhythm, lyrics, and overall production quality. Musicians are looking for genuine insights that can help them improve their sound, so the more thoughtful your review, the more valuable it will be.


The digital age has opened up an incredible world of opportunities for teenagers to harness their strengths and earn money online. Gone are the days when mowing lawns and babysitting were the only jobs available to you. 

Now, with just an internet connection and a dose of creativity and persistence, you can start blogging, manage social media pages, stream video games, or even become a tutor, all from your own home. 

By identifying your strengths and interests, you can choose the avenue that best fits you.

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