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How To Sign Someone Up For Spam Calls


When you’re in a bad mood, you may consider signing someone (you hate) up for spam calls for revenge or harassment. For example, you may want to spam your ex’s phone number for something he or she did badly for you.

Spam calls commonly refer to telemarketing calls, robocalls, or other harassing calls. If your phone number is on a spammer list, your phone will be flooded with a large number of unwanted calls daily. 

They will keep calling and calling although you have told them you’re not interested and asked them to remove you from their list. However, it is hard to remove your phone number from some calling lists even if your number is already on the National Do Not Call Registry, such as political organizations, debt collectors, charities, and surveys. You’ll become distracted and annoyed.

So if you want to prank someone with spam calls, you’d better think twice before doing so as it will influence their daily life.

Here are some ways you can sign someone up for spam calls.

1. Signing Someone Up for Free Trials or Information

Signing up for free trials or information is an effective way to submit someone’s phone number to telemarketers.

Free trials are exciting, but you may consider giving up when you’re required to enter your name, physical address, email address, and phone number to subscribe. As you know, your private information will be automatically entered into the telemarketer marketing list.

Telemarketing companies explain that this information is necessary so that they can notify you and send you a free trial of certain products or services. Meanwhile, some giveaways will offer you something worthwhile in exchange for your name and phone number.

Signing up to receive free information is another way to send someone’s phone number to telemarketers. When you use your phone to sign up to receive free information from a company,  the company will think that you’re also interested in their paid information or service as usually paid is better than free. For example, you can sign someone up to receive sales calls from unaccredited colleges.

Telemarketing companies motivate their sales to call you as they think you have an interest in their products or services, and they value you as their quality leads.

2. Signing Someone Up for a Free Drawing

Did you see a free drawing in the shopping mall? Free drawing activities are commonly seen in many shopping malls. To attract visitors, the organizer of the event will offer a chance to win some prizes, such as a shopping voucher, a TV, an iPhone, cash, a vacation, or even a car.

The first step to participate is to fill out an entry form. This form will usually include your contact information such as name, address, phone number, and email address. 

Once the entry form has been filled out and submitted, you’re waiting for the winning results. However, as you may know, there is an extremely remote chance of winning something in a free drawing, but you’ll receive telemarketing calls continuously.

They’ll probably inform you that you didn’t win this time, but that you can take advantage of other opportunities, like online surveys…

To spam someone’s phone number, you can sign their phone up for a free drawing when you enter to the shopping mall next time.

3. Call Phone Numbers With Automatic Number Identification Enabled

Automatic Number Identification (ANI) is a technology that enables businesses and individuals to view the calling number information associated with incoming phone calls in real time. 

ANI is most commonly used by call centers and customer service departments to identify who is calling before they pick up the phone.

When you call a business with ANI enabled, your phone number is revealed to the receiver. This means that telemarketers can now target you directly with their marketing campaigns by using your phone number. They may try to convince you to purchase their products or services, or offer unrealistic deals. 

Toll-free telephone numbers such as these special area codes 800, 888, and 877 are ANI examples. So you can use someone’s phone to dial toll-free telephone numbers with these special area codes to sign them up for spam calls. 

4. Post Ads Online With Someone’s Phone Number

Posting ads online with someone’s phone number is a common way to spam a phone number.

For example:

  • If you sell something really good but at a very low price online, your phone will receive many calls to buy in no time. 
  • If the tickets of a very popular singer have been sold out, but you say you have tickets available, you will receive nonstop calls throughout the day.

You can use this tactic to make someone’s phone number public by telling the public that the owner of this phone number has something very good but limited, if you want to get it, call him immediately.

5. Use Spam Call Services

You can also use free or paid spam phone call services to make spam phone calls. They’re created for this purpose.

6. Others

  1. Create profiles on various adult sites and dating sites with a good picture
  2. Submit applications for loans 
  3. Sign up for health policy
  4. Register to purchase a Car from a variety of brand websites
  5. ….

Final Thought

Nobody likes getting endless robocalls all day. It can be extremely annoying and disruptive, not to mention potentially dangerous as some of them can be scams. Most of us are attempting to get it to stop. Furthermore, spamming a phone number is illegal as it is done without consent.

As a result, it’s recommended to avoid signing someone up for spam calls even though you planned. 

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