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What To Do While Listening To A Podcast

23 Things To Do While Listening To A Podcast: Keep You Engaged


Listening to podcasts is a way to expand your knowledge, unwind or simply fill your time. You can multitask while tuning in to a podcast that doesn’t demand your attention.

This allows you to focus on the podcast content while keeping yourself active. Generally, podcasts are perfect for many everyday activities.

Here are 23 activities you can engage in while enjoying podcasts. 

1. Commute to and From Work

When commuting consider listening to something. The music or radio podcasts offer a refreshing alternative that can keep you alert during long drives or help pass the time in traffic jams.

However it’s advisable not to listen to podcasts when you need concentration on driving.

2. Workout

A captivating episode can make your exercise routine more enjoyable. Whether you’re running on a treadmill jogging outdoors or cycling podcasts, it can add excitement and variety to your workout regimen.

For example, listening to episodes about health, fitness or nutrition can keep you updated on trends and advice while breaking a sweat, and maybe an entertaining story that transports you into another world as you exercise.

3. Clean or Do Household Chores

Listening to a podcast while tackling household tasks can help you stay focused on cleaning and boost your productivity. The distraction of the podcast can make chores feel less tedious and more efficient.

4. Engage in Yoga Sessions

Calming podcasts that focus on mindfulness and meditation can complement your yoga routine aiding in relaxation and enhancing your concentration. Integrating podcasts with your yoga practice can create an experience for both your mind and body.

5. Cook or Bake

While preparing meals consider tuning into podcasts that share cooking advice, recipes or insights into food culture. These podcasts can inspire you to experiment with dishes improve your abilities and make the cooking process more enjoyable.

6. Refresh with a Shower

Listening to a podcast while showering is a way to unwind. Have some personal time. Choose a podcast that matches your mood or interests to help you relax after a day or learn something from an informative episode.

Before entering the shower ensure that your audio device is protected from water damage and placed at a distance, for listening pleasure. Using a waterproof bluetooth speaker is an option to safeguard your device against moisture while maintaining sound quality.

After you finish showering you may notice a shift in your mood and gain a perspective on things.

7. Shave Your Face

Listening to a podcast while shaving can turn this grooming task into an informative experience. You can choose an episode that matches your shaving time or opt for an one for a more leisurely grooming session.

8. Take Your Dog for a Walk

Walking your dog becomes more pleasant when accompanied by a podcast. It enhances your experience, and keeps you entertained. Your furry companion will appreciate the time together while you can enjoy some podcast listening.

9. Relax with Your Favorite Beverage

Podcasts make companions for moments when you’re relaxing with your drink whether it’s coffee or tea. Whether at home work or in a café combining a soothing podcast, with your beverage creates a calming atmosphere.

10. Fly on an Airplane

Podcasts can help make long flights more tolerable. Just take a moment to relax close your eyes and enjoy an episode.

11. Try Out Handcrafts

Engage in handcraft activities such as stitching, knitting or crocheting while listening to podcasts. For instance, focus on a sewing project while enjoying a podcast; this can make you feel accomplished and at ease.

12. Solve a Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are companions for podcast listening. They don’t require concentration allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the podcast.

13. Drawing or Painting

Activities like drawing or painting can be enriched by listening to podcasts. This blend can help unleash your side and keep you engrossed.

14. Wash Dishes

Transform the chore of washing dishes into a pleasurable task by listening to podcasts. You’ll notice how quickly you can get through them.

15. Play Games

Games, such as puzzles or those that are light on strategy are ideal, for playing while listening to podcasts.

16. Manage Your Laundry

Laundry days may seem mundane. Tuning into a podcast while organizing, washing, folding and ironing your clothes can turn it into an enjoyable experience.

17. Do Organizational Tasks

Put on a podcast while organizing paperwork decluttering or tidying up your closet.

18. Gardening or Tending to Plants

Enhance your gardening experience by listening to podcasts about gardening tips or nature while tending to your plants.

19. DIY Projects

Make fixing things around the house fun by listening to podcasts related to the task at hand. For instance, if you’re repairing furniture consider tuning in to woodworking tips or DIY project discussions.

20. Babysitting

Keep yourself entertained while babysitting by listening to podcasts. Remember to stay attentive, to the kids’ needs.

21. Wait for Your Partner to Finish Shopping

Instead of scrolling through your phone or feeling restless consider listening to a podcast while waiting for your partner to complete their shopping. It can be a way to make the most of your time and keep yourself entertained.

As we all know shopping can sometimes take longer for women, who enjoy exploring items comparing prices and trying on clothes. In situations a podcast can be a lifesaver transforming the waiting period into an enjoyable experience.

22. Take a Work Break

You can also view listening to a podcast, as a break from your work routine. Whether it’s after lunch when you have some time before diving into tasks or during an afternoon break tuning into an interesting podcast can help refresh your mind.

23. Consider Falling Asleep

If you struggle with falling asleep at night consider listening to a soothing podcast in bed. Set a timer on your phone for 30 minutes. Let the gentle sounds or engaging stories ease you into slumber.

Start by choosing a podcast tailored for sleep or relaxation purposes, such as guided meditations, bedtime tales or calming ambient sounds.

Podcasts often incorporate soft background music sounds of nature or soothing voices to create an ambiance that aids in relaxation, for both the mind and body.

Before settling in bed adjust the volume to a level that’s comfortable for you without disrupting your relaxation. If sharing the bed with a partner consider using earbuds or headphones to avoid disturbing their sleep.

While tuning in to the podcast focus on the content. Let go of any lingering thoughts or worries from the day.

The podcast serves as an anchor assisting in preparing you for sleep. Practicing breathing or other relaxation techniques while listening can further amplify its calming effects.

When the 30 minute timer ends, your phone will stop playing the podcast, allowing you to continue sleeping without interruption.


Simple tasks are ideal when listening to podcasts as they won’t compete for your attention and enable you to engage with both activities. However avoid listening while engaging in tasks that demand concentration.

Integrating podcasts into these activities can optimize your time utilization. Choosing a podcast that aligns with your interests or the activity you’re doing can make it more enjoyable and enriching.

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