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23 Things To Do While Listening To A Podcast

Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn something new, relax, or just pass the time. You can engage in a mindless activity while listening to a podcast that doesn’t require your full attention.

This allows your brain to focus on the podcast while your body stays active. Generally, podcasts are perfect for many everyday activities.

Here are 23 things you can do while listening to podcasts.

1. Drive to Work or Offwork

Driving to work or back home, you might want to listen to something engaging. Instead of the usual music or radio, podcasts can serve as a refreshing alternative, keeping you awake during long drives or helping you pass the time while stuck in traffic.

However, avoid listening to podcasts when you need to concentrate fully on driving.

2. Do Exercise

An interesting episode can make your workout enjoyable. Whether you’re running on a treadmill, jogging/running outdoors, or cycling, podcasts can make your exercise routine feel less boring.

For example, you could listen to an episode on health, fitness, or nutrition to stay informed on the latest trends and advice, or perhaps an entertaining story that helps you escape into a different world as you work up a sweat.

3. Clean or Do Housework

Listening to a podcast while doing chores can take your mind off different tasks of cleaning and allow you to get a lot done. The distraction can make housework more painless and productive.

4. Practice Yoga

Soothing podcasts or those focused on mindfulness and meditation can complement your yoga practice, helping you relax and deepen your focus. The combination of yoga and podcasts can provide a holistic mind-body experience.

5. Cook or Bake

While preparing meals, you can opt for podcasts discussing cooking tips, recipes, or food culture. You’ll be inspired to try new dishes, enhance your culinary skills, and make cooking more enjoyable.

6. Take a Shower

Listening to a podcast while taking a shower can be a delightful way to enjoy some personal time. You can choose a podcast that suits your mood and preferences to help you unwind after a long day or an informative episode on a topic that interests you. 

Before stepping into the shower, keep your audio device safe from water and place it at a convenient distance. Using a waterproof Bluetooth speaker can be a great option to ensure your device stays dry and the sound quality remains clear.

After you’ve finished your shower, you might find yourself in a better mood or with a new perspective on something.

7. Shave Your Face

Listening to a podcast while shaving your face can transform a routine grooming task into a more enjoyable and informative experience.

You can select a short episode that matches the time it takes for you to shave, or a longer one if you prefer to take your time and indulge in a leisurely grooming session.

8. Walk the Dogs

Taking your dog for a walk can become more enjoyable when you’re accompanied by a good podcast. This can help you make the most of your time outdoors and keep you entertained. Your dog will be happy to go outside with your accompany, and you can also have your own time with a podcast.

9. Relax with Your Favorite Drink or Coffee

Podcasts can also serve as a perfect companion when you’re enjoying your favorite beverage, be it a cup of coffee or tea.

Whether you’re taking a break at home, at work, or in a cozy café, combining a relaxing podcast with your preferred drink can create a calming atmosphere.

10. Fly on a Plane

Podcasts can make long flights more bearable. Just relax, close your eyes, and enjoy an interesting episode.

11. Engage in Hand Hobbies

Engage in simple, repetitive hand hobbies like stitching, knitting, or crocheting while listening to podcasts. For example, keep your focus on a simple sewing project while listening to a podcast, this can make you feel productive and convenient. 

12. Do a Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are excellent companions to podcast listening. They don’t demand active thought, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the podcast.

13. Drawing or Painting

Artistic pursuits like drawing or painting can be enhanced by listening to podcasts. This combination can help you tap into your creativity and keep you engaged.

14. Washing Dishes

Turn the mundane task of washing dishes into a more enjoyable experience by listening to podcasts. You’ll find you can wash dishes very fast.

15. Play Games

Certain games, like puzzle games or those that don’t require much thought, can be great to play while listening to podcasts.

16. Do Laundry

Laundry day can be quite monotonous, but listening to a podcast while sorting, washing, folding, and ironing your clothes can make it a more pleasant experience.

By selecting a suitable podcast, you can stay entertained and keep your mind occupied throughout the entire process.

17. Do Organizational Tasks

Use podcasts as entertainment while tackling organizational tasks like sorting through paperwork, decluttering, or arranging your closet. 

18. Gardening or Tending to Plants

Gardening or tending to plants can be more relaxing and fulfilling when accompanied by a podcast. Listening to gardening tips or nature-themed podcasts can enhance your experience and knowledge.

19. Fix Something

Fixing or repairing items around your home can be a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating task. However, listening to a podcast during the process can make it more enjoyable and even educational, depending on the episode you choose.

A podcast that captures your interest or relates to the task at hand would be a good option.

For example, if you’re fixing a piece of furniture, a podcast discussing woodworking tips or DIY projects might be a perfect fit. Alternatively, you could opt for a more general podcast on home improvement or one that simply entertains or relaxes you.

20. Babysit

While watching over the little ones, podcasts can keep you entertained and help pass the time. Just make sure to keep an ear open for the kids’ needs.

21. Wait for Your Spouse to Finish Shopping

Instead of aimlessly browsing on your phone or getting impatient, listening to a podcast while waiting for your spouse to finish shopping is a good choice.

As you know, women can sometimes take longer to shop, as they enjoy browsing through various items, comparing prices, and trying on clothes. In such situations, a podcast can be your savior, turning the waiting time into a productive and enjoyable experience.

22. Take a Break from Work

You can also take listening to a podcast as a break from your work. After lunch, if you still have some time before getting back to your tasks, or during a scheduled break in the afternoon, tuning into an engaging podcast can help recharge your mental batteries.

23. Try to Fall Asleep

If you struggle with falling asleep, you can try listening to a calming podcast in bed. Set a timer on your phone to stop playing the podcast after 30 minutes, and you may find that the soft sounds or engaging stories help lull you into a peaceful slumber.

You can begin by selecting a podcast specifically designed for sleep or relaxation, such as guided meditations, bedtime stories, or ambient soundscapes.

These podcasts often use gentle background music, nature sounds, or soothing voices to create a tranquil environment that helps your mind and body relax.

As you settle into bed, make sure to adjust the volume to a comfortable level that won’t disrupt your relaxation. Use earbuds or headphones if you share your bed with a partner, so as not to disturb their sleep.

While listening to the podcast, try to focus on the content, letting go of any thoughts or worries from the day.

The podcast can act as a mental anchor, helping prepare you for sleep. You may also find it helpful to practice deep breathing or other relaxation techniques alongside the podcast to further enhance the calming effect.

Once the 30-minute timer goes off, your phone will stop playing the podcast, and you can continue sleeping undisturbed.

Final Thought

Generally, mindless tasks are suitable to do while listening to a podcast as your focus will not be divided into these activities, so you can enjoy these activities and also immerse yourself in the podcast. However, listening to podcasts may not be appropriate if you’re doing things that require intense concentration.

By combining podcasts with these activities, you can make the most of your time.

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