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Name Something You Can Climb

“Name Something You Can Climb” in The Word Game App “Text Or Die”


When you’re playing the word game, Text or Die, like Name Something In the Bathroom, you may also stumble upon the query, “Name Something You Can Climb?” You’ll need to type in a word as your answer to this question.

To win, you need to do two things: make sure your answer is correct, and try to make your answer as long as possible. This strategy helps you build your tower faster and escape the rising water in the game.

Here are some common things you can climb, we categorize them into natural features, man-made structures, furniture & indoor items, and sports & fitness equipment. 

You can try to use them in your game.

Natural Features

  1. Mountain
  2. Hill
  3. Tree
  4. Cliff
  5. Rock Formation
  6. Glacier
  7. Sand Dune
  8. Volcano

Man-made Structures

  1. Staircase
  2. Ladder
  3. Rock Climbing Wall
  4. Jungle Gym
  5. Building (with appropriate safety measures and permissions)
  6. Tower
  7. Bridge
  8. Scaffolding

Furniture and Indoor Items

  1. Bunk Bed
  2. Bookshelf
  3. Loft Bed
  4. Step Stool

Sports and Fitness Equipment

  1. Climbing Rope
  2. Gymnastic Rings
  3. Peg Board

Final Thought

In the above list of things you can climb, the longest names are Rock Formation, Rock Climbing Wall, Jungle Gym, Scaffolding, Climbing Rope, and Gymnastic Rings.

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