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What Does ‘POV’ Mean On Instagram And Other Social Media?

What Does ‘POV’ Mean On Instagram, TikTok And Other Social Media?


You might have noticed the hashtag #POV popping up on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. There are countless posts labeled with this tag, often seen in the title, caption, or comments of photos and videos.

It’s natural to wonder what “POV” means and why people use it. Could it be an abbreviation, and what’s the full form? With the frequent use of shortened words and acronyms in today’s social media language, it’s a reasonable assumption to make.

“POV” is the abbreviation “Point Of View”. When a user creates images or videos on social media add #POV, generally there can be two meanings:

  1. A physical observation (how the user sees something from their own perspective or camera angle)
  2. An attitude or thought (how the user thinks something from their own perception)

1. A Physical Observation: Photos/Videos Taken From The Creator’s Perspective

@wdohwnpov : night drive with boyfriend♬ original sound – Iafilledete – ann  • open edit dazzcam

In terms of physical observation, a “point of view” refers to a specific viewpoint from which something is observed by the creator. It is the creator’s point of perspective where the photo or video is taken from. 

Instagrammers and Tiktokers use “POV” to let the viewers watch the images or videos from their recording perspective. 

You can understand it as a camera angle or first-person perspective, where the camera shows what the creator (the “first person”) would be seeing with their own eyes. And the audience will see the same as the creator.

For example, imagine a movie about a chef. The filmmaker puts a camera on the chef’s head. Now, when you watch the movie, you see what the chef sees. You see the vegetables being chopped, the pot being stirred, and the food being plated.

You are seeing from the chef’s point of view. This is a physical observation because it’s like you are in the chef’s place, seeing what they see. This kind of perspective can make the viewing experience more immersive and personal for the audience.

What the creator sees can also be used as the premise for what the creator wants to say next.

2. An Attitude or Perspective: How The Creator Thinks Something From Their Own Perception

Here, “POV” is used to express how the creator thinks about or understands a situation or topic. This can be influenced by a person’s beliefs, experiences, values, and knowledge. The same use as in our daily life – the point of view.

For example, two people might have different points of view on a political issue due to their different backgrounds, beliefs, or experiences. This point of view affects how they interpret information, what they believe, and ultimately, how they act or react.

Final Thought

Now, hope you have a better understanding of what POV stands for on social media platforms. 

When someone on social media platforms uses #POV in their images/videos, it means they’re showing a certain physical observation of looking at things or sharing their thoughts about something.

Creators use #POV to enhance their stories and interact with their followers closely. It tells viewers that what they see is from the creator’s own perspective or thinking. Hashtag like #POV makes Instagram and Tiktok places for creativity and socializing.

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